Palo Cortado Abuelo Diego

Añada N/A
Denominación de Origen Montilla-Moriles
Variedad 100% Pedro Ximénez
Vinificación A palo cortado is an oenological rarity, a sort of half way house between a fino and an amontillado. It is the result of a fino losing its flor. It combines the aromatic nose of the amontillados and the full and powerfull palate of the old olorosos. This Amontillado Alvear comes from the solera of the foundation of the winery, back in 1729.
Color Mahogany.
Nariz Very complex. Hints of dry fruit, blood orange, gingerbread. exotic oak and leather.
Boca Very intense and elegant. A box of oenological emotions. Endless finish on warm wood and roasted nuts
Alcohol (% Vol.) 19
Acidez Total (g/l ac.tartárico) 8,80
Azúcares (g/l) dry
Maridaje Spectacular to be drank by its own. Perfect with duck, smoked and oily fish, pickles and game.
Temperatura de Servicio 10 -12 ºC