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Chicken with Fino C.B.

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- Chicken drumsticks
- Salt and sugar
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Lemon
- Balsamic vinegar
- Fine Wine C.B.


Mix the sugar and salt in equal parts, make a bed of the mixture into a container (high walls, loose enough fat). We maintain the loins covered in salt and sugar mixture in refrigerator for 24 h (depending on the thickness of the piece). Elapsed time will wash under the tap to remove the remaining salt (recommended freeze concinar served without fire). To assemble the dish, place a few pieces of marinated tuna, some outbreaks of lettuce dressed with a vinaigrette of lemon and a little soy sauce and finished with a line of reduced balsamic vinegar and a glass of Pedro Ximenez that we will have to reducing fire until we left rather thick texture.

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