Solera Cream

vintage N/V
Origin D.O. Montilla Moriles
Variety 100% Pedro Ximénez
Vinification When an Oloroso is sweetened with some concentrated Pedro Ximénez sweet wine, it becomes a Montilla Cream, a synonym of dark, full, rich, sweet not cloying wine.
Tasting Notes
Colour Deep mahogany colour.
Nose With a slight burnt touch, and a full, soft, somewhat raisiny flavour.
Palate Clean finish and a lingering sweetness in the mouth.
Alcohol (% Vol.) 18
Acidity (g/l tartaric acid) 5
Sugar (g/l) 120
PH 3.45
Food Pairing Serve to sip on its own as a comforting winter drink instead of a liqueur. Ideal for both aperitifs, accompanying pâtés, for desserts with sweets, light cakes, coffee or nuts. Taste it on the rocks!
Temperature 15-20 ºC
Bottle 50cl
Case 6 bottles